Monday 7 April 2008

"Have you seen in your dreams?"

I present to you Miracle Fortress and the wondrously lush slice of song that is "Have You Seen In Your Dreams?". It was Nialler - but of course - who first alerted me to this Montréal indie pop outfit. A fine and tasteful discovery to be sure. Yet as lovely as this song is, the video itself is almost lovelier:

Such a sweet and unashamed childhood nostalgia buzz. Such brilliant execution of the idea too. Which is nice.


Anonymous said...

I got into this guy sometime last year. He is a multi-instrumentalist who brings a touring band with him. Included there is Jessie Stein of The Luyas - another amazing band BTW that too few people have heard of. (They only tour occasionally, which does not help.)

Anyway, I am forever playing "Five Roses" coming home from a night out. Its remarkable stuff when you have had the one that's one too many.

nialler9 said...


Cute vid.

aoife mc said...

Eep! I love Five Roses, and this vid is amazing. Bring back etch & sketch.
My favourite track from the album today is Maybe Lately. Sooooo cute!
Hope you're well new(ish) x

chosha said...

Intricate and beautiful. Nice. Thanks for showing it to us.

shane said...

I must second the Luyas recommendation. Theirs was one of the best albums of last year, without a doubt.