Wednesday 30 April 2008

I'm not very good at this blogging lark.


The decidedly eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed a significant drop in posting round these parts over the past few weeks. A most bothersome state of affairs for which I apologise profusely. Yet it could not be helped. A temporarily decrepit laptop and two separate cowboy attempts at repairing said laptop saw to that. However, the third attempt seems to have been successful, so far anyway.

I've missed my wee soapbox in the interim. So much reactionary sarcasm, such disinterested and immune friends. Truly, those guys stopped listening many moons ago. I can't even remember the last time they really listened... Sigh... Those carefree guys. Those endless summer nights down by the jetty in Mr. Stephenson's dinghy. Blueberry soda in one hand, swish stick in the order, guffawing loudly as the smooth pebbles flit gracefully across the still water and off the forehead of a retarded heron... I often wonder if I'll ever have days like those again. Christ, will anyone? Is it possible that we have all changed that much?

It is at this time of indifference then that I turn to you all once more folks. Is there a place for me still in your warm keyboardy bosom? Oh do say yes. For I am ready to fully re-immerse myself into this New(ish) Maelstrom buzz. I really do crave the validation, the communal gratification of the comment, the endless supply of chicks. I have ideas too, a few of them not crap. For example, there is another blog by yours truly ambling slowly towards the horizon. A more specific effort - very much in relation to my MA - that shall coexist in harmony with the shambles you see before you.

So there you go folks, my recent inactivity explained. A busted laptop and an unwillingness to habitually frequent the fine internet cafés that Galway has to offer. It's not that I'm a snob. Honest. It's just that I find it difficult to mine my own particular brand of blog gold dust when another panicked Spanish student has locked herself into a phone booth and a clutch of scobettes cackle at the "shtate of dat wan Tiffany" at a recent 16th birthday in Moycullen... Ah yes, the (not so) quiet wonder of the Bebo stalk.

I'm rambling now, and I must be off. Fret not however, as further narcissistic self-importance is quite, quite imminent.

Or something.

Wednesday 9 April 2008

The Random Observations Of A Jaded Cynic. Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Accept The Truth As I See It And As Everybody Else Should Too. #1

I thought I was listening to The Kooks' new album Konk the other day. It turns out I was just standing beside a freshly painted wall.

Monday 7 April 2008

"Have you seen in your dreams?"

I present to you Miracle Fortress and the wondrously lush slice of song that is "Have You Seen In Your Dreams?". It was Nialler - but of course - who first alerted me to this Montréal indie pop outfit. A fine and tasteful discovery to be sure. Yet as lovely as this song is, the video itself is almost lovelier:

Such a sweet and unashamed childhood nostalgia buzz. Such brilliant execution of the idea too. Which is nice.

British Long Haulage Firm. The Cartoon.

Eddie Stobart is apparently the United Kingdom's most famous logistics company. Indeed, such is the company's universal acclaim that some venerable marketing folk decided that it should venture into the realm of children's entertainment. The animated mutant that is Steady Eddie was conceived:

Yup, the old "get the pre-schoolers into long haulage" dollar. Marketing strategy at its most crushingly asinine. Seriously, what kind of mongoloid would actually buy this monstrosity for their child? I can imagine the exchange running like so:

"Dad, this is shit."

"But son, it's an animated truck/corporate logo that delivers produce!"


"And look at the special features son... You can watch an actual Eddie Stobart delivery being made. At night time! But wait, there's more! Once the truck arrives at its destination you can watch the staff there tiredly scurrying about the store attempting to get the produce on the shelves before the shop opens!"

"Mum was right to leave you."

Eddie Stobart, I tip my hat to you sir. For you truly are a business man of some considerable taste and moral acumen. Why, I was just chatting to the Eddie Stobart Girls the other day:


Friday 4 April 2008

Skins. The Yoof.

Up until very recently I had never watched E4's Skins. Therefore, wondering what all the fuss was about and feeling slightly out of touch with my wee be-neoned brethren, I committed myself to watching an entire episode an evening or two ago.

I was amazed. The hype is thoroughly deserved. For Skins is a truly groundbreaking and searingly relevant television drama. Barrier upon barrier, preconception upon preconception, all obliterated. My socially conscious fogey mind, enfeebled, unable to deal... Honestly, these people are visionaries. Soothsayers.

Teenagers like sex!

Teenagers are often selfish and spoilt!

Teenagers take substances that are bad for them!

Teenagers go to school!

Fuck me. There was just so much that I did not know.

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip. In Galway.

Cool. Cool. Cool.

Regular readers of this blog would already be aware of the stratospheric regard in which I hold the musical duo Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip. It came as a rather pleasant surprise then to learn that Master Pip's dexterous rhymes are soon to be spat in the city of Galway... In De Burgos, on the 8th day of May. Despite a periodic aberrance of sound system at the Picnic they nevertheless put on quite the show last September. In the intimate basement milieu of De Burgos, this gig assumes the status of unmissable. Truly.

Infinite kudos to those responsible at Stress!! for getting the lads in to perform. Galwegian music types are already well aware of the quality buzz that a Stressful night entails. This addition to their roster can only strengthen the event's ever growing reputation. As will the ludicrously cheap tickets. Admission shall be €12. A pittance really.

In other good related news, the debut Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip LP shall be released on the 12th May. Unfettered glee buzz.

As another matter of interest, other folks who have performed at Stress!! and are decidedly worth checking out include: The Infomatics, Beatpoet
("Tao" is such a tune!), Chequerboard, Paul O'Reilly, Mirakil Whip, and Francis Heery... If unaware of any of the above artistes then commence with the clicking. A worthwhile tapestry of tunes awaits.