Tuesday 4 March 2008

Huzzahs & Bloggies!

My First Irish Blog Awards. Thoughts? Well, I must first express my surprise at this dignitary's appearance. What blinding gravitas and wit:

"Savage." I had such a good time on Saturday night. Such an orgiastic stew of pleasantries. Such a welcoming and friendly buzz. Such a surprise to witness the sweetness of Twenty in person. The necessary shoutouts then to the following: the awesome duo that is Nialler and Aoife, Ian the gentleman photographer, the Arts & Culture behemoth that is Sinead, Eddie Sans Clarity, a tequila slamming Una, and The Humblest of Housewives... There are many more people with whom I would have liked to shoot the breeze, but I was unfortunately unable. There were many shiny things in the room and somebody had swapped my Ritalin for stale orange Tic Tacs. Bastards.

Hearty congratulations to the deserving winners. A wizard show all round. Take a bow Mister Mulley, take a bow!


aoife mc said...

Awesome duo! I feel like a superhero or something.
Glad you had fun, see you soon I hope!

Colm said...

Missed you on Saturday night. Next year!

Colm said...

Not sure if the URL came through on previous comment, but it's Colm from Modern Cadence in case you were wondering!

John Cav said...

Aoife: If you are to embark on some form of crime fighting superhero adventure, I strongly recommend you bring your new gun. It is quite the bitchin' piece.

Colm: It is a pity I missed ya. Had my eye out. In Fact, Ah was one of the first blogs to blogroll me. An appreciated act sir. Next year indeed :)

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous said...

uh.. really like this text