Sunday 17 February 2008

A Voyage to the Inner Circles with Ronald.

Seriously, what twisted freak devised this mess? The easily rattled amongst you should look away now. Those brave enough to actually watch it all, ask yourself this one question... Why?

They're currently building a McDonald's in Ennis. On the Gort Road. Hear that Dublin? The West's awake!

Hat tip to The Slurkid for the vid.


slurkid57 said...

I would like to re-iterate John's warning. Though probably made in jest, it carries a certain kernel of truth, which in good conciousness I cannot allow to go unreported.

This video came to my attention a few days ago, but it was only this morning that I made the fateful decision to watch it start to finish.

That was around 10:30 am, and though I was left with a slight sense of bewilderment, I suffered no real ill effect.

Fast forward to 13:00, and I felt a slight pain in my gut, though I dismissed it as the after-effects of last night's visit to the pub. (Actually, several pubs.)

By about 13:30, my condition had deteriorated to a state far to grim to be recounted here. Suffice to say I am currently severely dehydrated, and have worked my way through am impressive amount of bog roll.

Now as a Man of Science, I would be the first to point out that correlation does not imply causation - but still, I implore you take my cautionary tale into account before you press that play button.

I remain,
Slurkid LVII

John Cav said...

Slurkid: Best... Comment... Ever.