Tuesday 12 February 2008

Super Extra Bonus Party Newsflash Buzz

The sweet - in both the traditional parlance and the parlance of today's yoof - new video to "Everything Flows" by the most excellent Super Extra Bonus Party:

The SEBP posse are currently meandering throughout the hills and dales of Ireland promoting the recent release of their Everything Flows EP (12"). It is quite the belter and features remixes from Cadence Weapon, Jape and Nouveaunoise... The Jape remix currently sits proudly on their myspace. Well worth the 02:49 of your time.

As will be their upcoming gig in the Róisín Dubh. Their live shows are adrenaline fuelled delights so if in Galway on Saturday 23rd February, then be sure to make yourself present and correct. (Hurleys and full Kildare kit optional.) Need further convincing do you? It's a free gig. Almost unethical really.

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