Sunday 10 February 2008

The Salvador Dali Gameshow

Welcome back once again to Surrealism Sunday! And who's our guest this evening? Why, it's Salvador Dali. So moustache wax at the ready folks and prepare yourselves for the agreeable nonsense ahead... But first, a word from our sponsors (popular 1960s televisual gameshow What's My Line?):

Also worth a peek is this gleefully demented televisual chocolate advertisement starring the very same Mr. Dali. An oldie in interweb terms, but decidedly mirthful all the same.


aoife mc said...

Whooopie! Congrats on the nomination, well deserved. I'm delighted to see you on the list.

chosha said...

That link's not working any more, but the TV commercial was hilarious. He really was a weird one, no?

John Cav said...

Aoife: Thanks a Brazilian! I am most delighted with the news. And I am quite excited about the festivities in store on the 1st March too... Congrats to you as well! Muchos deservedos!

Chosha: That's a pity, it seems to be working fine for me... That chocolate commercial is quite insane! Un chien andalou indeed :)