Tuesday 19 February 2008

New Kids On The Block. The Comic Book.

With added Richie Rich:

My word, such an orgiastic maelstrom of the tenets of capitalism! The power of Klein compels you! Seriously, what kind of twisted message would this send to an innocent child? What coke addled mongoloid would give such a sinister union the green light?

Despite the animated promise of harm to those rotten bastards, this cover has genuinely unsettled me. I crave a return to the purity of my
Saved By The Bell epoch. Formative and oh so very hilarious. But most importantly of all, those kids always knew when to just say no.


Becs said...

Is it bad that I can still name all the members of NKOTB, even in bizarre comic version?

John Cav said...

Becs: Prove it. I want confirmation names too. And no Wiki aid :)

Joe said...

I don't know which is sadder. That clip or the fact that I remember the episode well.

Zack made some new friend who he idolised.

He used dope.

Zack was disillusioned and millions of childhood innocents were never the same.

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