Monday 11 February 2008

Moi? On an Irish Blog Awards shortlist? Get thyself out of this town post haste!


I really cannot get my head around this one at all.
The New(ish) Journalism has somehow made the shortlist for Best Arts & Culture Blog at the Irish Blog Awards. A most intrinsically validating, surprising and deadly buzz. I mean, just check out the high standard of my fellow nominees:
Seriously, thank you so much to everybody who voted for this blog in the first place. Also, a massive thank you to those judges who then deemed the petulant ramblings of this New(ish) Misanthrope shortlist worthy. Finally, thanks to Don Mulley, Poetry Ireland - sponsors of this particular category - and all the other sponsors for making this whole awards shindig possible. Mesmeric legends, one and all.

Congratulations and good fortune to everybody in the running and I shall hopefully see most of you on the night... My frock is already in order so I'm off now to the unisex salon to get my teeth sculpted and eyeballs massaged. Or something


UnaRocks said...

rock on!

David said...

John - delighted to be involved with the awards again this year. Congratulations on the nomination and the best of luck!

See you on the night.

Ronan said...

you're still slur to me but well done all the same. can i come tooooo?

John Cav said...

Una: I shall endeavour to do so my good woman! And I hope you do likewise :)

David: Legendary show with the whole sponsorship inclination my good man. And the very best of luck to yourself too!

Until 1st March then!

Ronan: No :)

aoife mc said...

Hooray! Cyberspace congrats heading your way from the indie hour :)

Anonymous said...

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