Saturday 2 February 2008

Irish Blog Awards Nominations

Aw shucks! I currently reside equidistant between the conditions of totally chuffed and perfectly bemused. Apparently there are enough benevolent souls amongst you to have garnered me a place on the (considerably) longlists for both Best Newcomer and Best Arts and Culture Blog at this year's Irish Blog Awards.

Although decidedly inferior to many of my fellow nominees, I shall take this opportunity to thank everybody who voted for The New(ish) Journalism. Seriously, you guys! I also want to take this next opportunity to apologise to all y'all for the sizeable cessation of activity here
over the past month or two. Less daily buzz, more fortnightly buzz, at best. It truly has sucked, being unable to fully exploit this twisted soapbox dynamic. It is also going to change post haste. Distractions have been removed and things have fallen into their appropriate ass grooves and what not. Huzzah!

Oh, just in case you are wondering how I got to be so damn good, I owe it all to this baby right here:

Thanks again folks! And best of luck to the multitude of blogospheric legends also in the running!


slurkid57 said...

Blogs are shit. All of them.

aoife mc said...

Wahey! Welcome back, we've missed you round these parts.
And congratulations on the nominations, well deserved. There are few blogs that use such words as 'equidistant' and for this reason I feel that you're a shoe in for a win! Best of luck, and see you at the blog awards. I've got my hair appointment booked and I'm renting a gown. Glee!

Anonymous said...

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