Wednesday 6 February 2008

I Hate Jerry Seinfeld!

Actually, no. I don't hate Jerry Seinfeld at all. However, this angry chap feels quite strongly about everybody's favourite Jewish Scientologist. And Bee Movie. Observe:

Amazing stuff, a genuinely worthwhile addition to the lexicon of film criticism. Quite reminiscent of early Cahiers du Cinema era Bazin. Huzzah my young freak! Huzzah!

Also worth checking out is his wondrously insightful review of the new Rambo debacle. Wow McWowser.


slurkid57 said...

I've been into sexman's films since before it was cool. He's definitely better than daxflame or ask a cool teen - I really can't tell if he's taking the piss or not.

aoife mc said...

'Bees aren't that smart, and anyway, they're not that strong'
How hilarious. Sexman! Hurray.

John Cav said...

Slurkid: One would presume that with a moniker like Sexman a chap would be a dab hand at the ould irony. However, in this instance I severely doubt it. Sigh. Etc.

Aoife: Easily the soundbite of the review. Hurray indeed :)

chosha said...

That kid:
1. is seriously nasal, and
2. needs to learn to look like he's not reading what he says.

And his nick is wishful thinking.

Can you tell I woke up cranky?