Sunday 3 February 2008

Hot Press. The very last bastion of decency and virtue in these troubled times of ours.

Praise to ye gods! Praise to thee for blessing us with the selfless crusaders that populate the halls of Hot Press. For without these intrepid souls how else would the Irish people have learned about the crippling talcum powder and botched make up job epidemic that is sweeping the nation:

Niall Stokes... Defender of baby arses everywhere. What a man.


Teddy said...

They have some nerve trying to sell magazines by coming up with such a wacky topical issue, don't they?!

There'll be a stern letter to madam about this come tomorrow.

Leigh O'Gorman said...

so is hot press the reason for this moral decline or what??

antrophe said...
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antrophe said...

I mean we've all resorted to bashing Hot Press in the face at times, but at this stage its a bit like pissing on the corpse as a final act of greedy indulgence by the blogosphere. It really is worth pointing out that Hot Press is one of the few Irish magazines that even attempts to put a left wing slant on some topical issues, I haven't read it in years but can still remember how eye opening Front Lines and Eamonn McCann's columns were over the years, they always had decent social movement-esque coverage scattered somewhere within the covers. Fucked if you are going to catch me reading it for the latest on the Frames or whatever darlings they court now, but Hot Press comes from a particular era - when post-Catholic Ireland's kids were smashing down the door to the slightly more socially liberated public sphere we enjoy now, think of the reaction that Stoke's columns might have provoked then or how odd Bootboy's pieces appeared in late eighties Ireland with homosexuality a criminal offence. You see publications like it all over the place, in Toronto there's NOW magazine - it does a great job staying current with music, emerged in the mid seventies as a somewhat political cultural and it retains that edge. Hot Press just fucked up by letting the old farts run it to the ground, but all this yapping about it and cursing it in the blogosphere is a little comical - who gives a shit about the latest passing trend in mix tapes if no one can offer even a semi-decent social or political analysis a few pages in alongside it. That's just as one sided and blind as Hot Press 's music coverage is now.

Leigh O'Gorman said...

Hi Antrophe,
My main problem with Niall Stokes' editorials (amongst others) is that they seem very forced and at times very much come across as "hip-politics" and something quite as forced as that is very transparent.

It is especially so, if you consider that nowadays we are more culturally intelligent and aware than ever before.


John Cav said...

Teddy: Are you being sarcastic? I really cannot tell.

Antrophe: A fine argument sir. Thanks for taking the time. However, and solely in relation to my own post on this very blog...

This post lampooned Hot Press. Obviously. However, it lampooned neither it's left wing inclinations or it's (supposed) editorial moral compass. It lampooned only the terribly tacky and dimwitted cover of that particular issue. For me it's as if the following happened... "What's that? There's a cocaine problem in Ireland? Let's get some bored pseudo-heiress from Foxrock and give her a god awful make up job. That'll help expose the realities of drug abuse in modern Ireland." Please. Amateurish and cynical in the extreme.

The "old farts" have indeed run a once valid and integral Irish publication into the ground. It is in many ways a terrible pity. One that would be easier to stomach if they did not remain so vapidly smug about it all. Glen too.

Leigh: I do not suggest that Hot Press is in any way responsible for this "moral decline"... I seriously doubt such a level of, erm, social awareness on their part :)

Leigh O'Gorman said...

ha haa,
social awareness is probably not the only thing missing

Anonymous said...

It is little wonder she looks so upset she has wasted the beter part of gram of coke on her face. It is suppose to go up the nose not under it. Silly girl.