Monday 18 February 2008

Charlie Brooker. Right About Everything?

Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe is one of those rarest of beasts... A television show that is both absolutely hilarious and actually quite informative.

On said show Charlie was right about cocks in advertising.

He was spot on about the intrinsic manipulation involved in editing reality television. (An obvious one in fairness.)

He offered his own Freudian insights into the ridiculous notion that Phil Mitchell is hard.

Introspection is also a talent of Charlie's as he considers what it is to be "The Talent" on a television show.

In fact, Charlie is apparently so preposterously wondrous that English band types The Attery Squash have seen fit to compose a song in his honour. It is called "Charlie Brooker Is Right About Everything":

Erm, sorry, what? Did irony just have a nervous breakdown?


nialler9 said...

sure is terrible but the man himself is a hero.

Anthony said...

Heh, never heard of this brooker fellow before. Excellent stuff! :D

John Cav said...

Nialler: That bastard chorus was lodged in my head for two straight days... Heroic or not, I'll resent Mr. Brooker for that :)

Anthony: He's a bit of a legend alright. His column in The Guardian is well worth checking out as well. Go forth!

Ronan said...

Nice to see you posting my video find! >_< Just for the record I want this played at my FUNeral!!!

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Anonymous said...

Charlie Brooker is a legend, totally is right about everything.
That song has been stuck in my head for days, it's funny, slightly ironic but true.

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