Wednesday 20 February 2008

Another Robot Sunset & Me

Honestly, I do not think that I have stopped smiling since watching the very fine Ellen Page in the very fine Juno. That movie is just such a mesmeric and succinct collage of life affirmation. Beautiful and intelligent. The holy grail of combinations.

Anyways, such was the emotive power of the aforementioned Juno that I find myself suddenly receptive to recently unacceptable levels of sweetness and light. My inner Scrooge has been vanquished. "Oh my", you probably don't say, "could this be the end of the misanthropic waffle that saturates these pages?" Certainly not. However it has lead to me listening to quite a bit of Nashville indie hip-hop outfit
Another Robot Sunset. Theirs is a most lovely buzz. This is a delightful song called "Angels In Airplanes". Be sure to watch the vid until the very end:

Everybody.... Awww! "Death Of A Robot Doctor" is also very worth checking out on their Space Of My. If what they claim is true and they are "all just making this up" as they go, then fair play to the boys.

Once again, via
Fabulist. Blogroll add anyone?


erickia said...

haha, cool blog, ok....always stay cool

Todd Michael Rogers said...

"the boys" also have a comedy group: