Friday 28 December 2007


This book is certainly the best Secret Santa gift that I have ever received. A mean tome. Mr. Sacks, a gifted neurologist, explores the complex relationship between music and the human listener. Why is it that we listen? Why is it that we are affected in such countless ways? A melody contains no tangible concepts or images, yet as we listen the bombardment of memory is oft visceral. Curious, no?

Myriad theories, a smorgasbord of cracking and compassionately spun tales. Well worth checking out is Musicophilia


chosha said...

Wow, that sounds interesting. All of his books are interesting. My favourite so far is The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. He makes things that are genuinely hard to grasp accessible.

Happy New Year, by the way!

econgirl said...

I was just going to ask if that was the same dude who mistook his wife for a hat but no need now, obviously (I bet he gets that all the time though from badly-read people like me!)