Sunday 2 December 2007

Dan Deacon. Hero.

There is a hulk of a man, down by his children,
We have his table enclosed, there is a countdown,
"Ethan Hawke! Ethan Hawke! Ethan Hawke! Ethan Hawke!"
That gibberish is deliverance, unable to talk,

Or think.

Or communicate with anybody else in the house without the widest of grins.

Dan Deacon in the Róisín Dubh, 30 November 2007. Quite possibly my favourite gig of the year. Put simply, this man is a hero. He is a singular movement, an intense benevolence. His only desire seems to be to spread some love through the medium of apeshit nonsense. And amazingly tight tunes. And one-liners that most stand ups would kill for.

"The Crystal Cat" lifts the spirits and limbs like no other tune I've heard live these past twelve months. My cohorts beside Dan's desk of goodness would surely agree. "Wham City" is an anthem unparalleled. It unites the audience completely, their collective giddiness mirrored by the transcendent ráiméis on the hymn sheets. These are passed about in a millisecond. The choir is adequate. And loving it... The human corridor works perfectly. Everyone lets go and embraces their inner spastic, and that of their stranger. We all dance through, utterly bemusing the crusty chin strokers in the front bar. Which is nice.

Alas, it was all over far too quickly. Mister Deacon, I applaud you! On your set. On your intentions and trajectory. And the fact that you are a very sound fella to boot. As is Leagues O'Toole... Name drop much?

In summary... Being in an audience of Dan Deacon's? Like being one of the backing dancers in High School Musical, but without the choreography, the gimps, or the sinister Aryan undertones.

And infinitely better tunes. Magic.


BRENDAN said...

High School Musical is Ronseal....

aoife mc said...

I believe that Dan Deacon and Santa are the same person.
He was absolutely brilliant last night in Whelan's - actually better than Crawdaddy a few months ago. He had people dancing. In Whelan's! Can't wait til he comes back.

John Cav said...

Brendan: It's Ronseal For Kids! Which is just not safe :)

Aoife: Santa wishes he was Dan Deacon! The man is just an utter ledgebag... To coin a phrase :)

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