Thursday 22 November 2007

Sex In Irish Cinema Survey

RTE's The Clinic: As about as sexy as we get. Which is very sad.

Award-winning Irish screenwriter and actor Mark O'Halloran joins Film Ireland magazine as guest editor for the January/February 2008 issue which is devoted exclusively to the topic of sex in Irish cinema and television... The complete lack of sex in Irish cinema and television that is. This issue of the magazine hopes to discern the reasons behind our prudish filmic impulses. Is it deeply engrained Catholic guilt? Or is it that we are simply more emotionally mature than our European neighbours? Are we satisfied with the (figurative) hand holding? Not that restraint has ever struck me as a typically Irish characteristic.

Personally, I think the aeons of total cultural dominance that the Catholic Church enjoyed are an obvious factor. Sex is a sin and never may we forget it. Furthermore, the antiquated values of our censorship system hardly help matters. It is getting better but the procedure remains snail paced and quite behind the times.

You can express your thoughts on the subject
here. A simple, quick, and anonymous survey that will help in the compilation of what should be a fascinating issue.

One of the questions asked concerned what you believed to be the sexiest scene in Irish cinema history. I was utterly stumped. What say you?


Jim Dubh said...

Two points, if I may:

(1) Sexiest scene - Biddy & Miley kissing in Glenroe.

(2) The reason for a lack of sex scenes in Irish television and cinema? Please see (1).

Anonymous said...

Biddy & Miley? Poppycock. Everyone knows it was Miley & Fionnuala, in the hay-shed.