Saturday 3 November 2007

Hunter S Thompson's widow unhappy with Jann Wenner's HST bio

Anita Thompson, who was married to Hunter S Thompson for two years before his death, is quite displeased with Jann Wenner's Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S. Thompson, An Oral Biography. She had this to say to the NY Daily News about the book:

"There are beautiful parts in [Wenner's] book, but it sensationalizes Hunter unnecessarily. It's meant to portray him as losing his mind at the end, but he was not. He was just as kind and decent and brilliant as when he was younger.

"When Hunter was compiling his second letters book, there was some humiliating correspondence between Hunter and Jann. His publisher was urging him to put it in, but in the end, Hunter didn't run it. It would've sold more books. But he protected his buddy. I'm sad that Jann didn't do the same."

"Jann is going to make quite a lot of money off this book, and we're having trouble paying the bills."

Jann felt inclined to counter her claims:

"She's attacking the book because she's not in it... We just took her out. We took her narrative thread out and had other people tell the story. Anita and I get along fine, but she has an exaggerated sense of who she was in terms of Hunter. She had another kind of role."

A needlessly bitchy comment from Jann there, I'm sure you'll agree. However, it is interesting that Hunter's good friend Johnny Depp wrote the introduction for the book... He clearly found no fault with the material.

A messy one this (via

Personally, I would question the need for a HST bio. Via the decadent and depraved - wink, wink - tenets of Gonzo Journalism and his constant insistence on the truth, Hunter S Thompson put more of himself to paper than any other could... More of the man, and more of the myth.


Anonymous said...

I am SO SAD that he died! I love his books and I wanted to meet him so badly! If one of his wives see this comment please e-mail me! (cry,cry,cry)

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