Saturday 3 November 2007

Electric Picnic 2008 Tickets. Already.

Yup, tickets for next year's Picnic shall go on sale from next Friday, 9th November. These limited Early Bird tickets will be priced at €199 and available from Ticketmaster and all the usual contemptuous shylocks. Etc.

Not even a hint of a line-up though.

I must say that this whole enterprise smacks of cynicism and consumerist stoicism to me. What say you?

I'm off for a Heineken.


slurkid57 said...

Those Heinos sure do leave a nasty after-taste in my mouth.

I think we should just organize our own party. All we need is a field, some tunes, and bag full of sweeties.

John Cav said...

Slurkid: You're on. We could get SPA to reform and headline the event... We need a name for it though. And some hippie-friendly corporate sponsorship.

slurkid57 said...

The corporate sponsorship goes without saying. I won't do a thing these days unless Pepsi are paying me to.

Live life to the MAX!

Joe said...

It's terrible that they've released them now - how are money shy students to pay for this AND presents in the run up to Christmas...

Oh wait.

I see ticketmaster desks across the country plagued by mammies looking for 'a ticket to the electronic picnic yoke'

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