Friday 23 November 2007

Dawn Landes & Her Young Folks

I was feelin' something kinda rough this morning and I desperately needed some cheer. Luckily for me, this cheer was but a handful of button clicks away. It came in the form of Dawn Landes and The We Sorta Tried Bluegrass Band... A few months ago they came together to cover that most ubiquitous of recent summer hits "Young Folks", re-imagining it as an old-timey bluegrass delight. The beguiling alternating female-male vocals remain, but are now reinforced by a delicate amalgam of acoustic orchestration. Enjoy:

As a result of this tune, I started to give Dawn Landes a listen. I liked what I heard. This is her MySpace. Check it out. Y'all.


tom nerdrock said...

just blogrolled you on my new blog. Let me know what you think!

John Cav said...
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John Cav said...

Tom: I likes it dude. A clever and intuitive wee concept ya got there. It looks sweet too. Huzzah!

Appreciate the blogroll add too might I mention :)