Tuesday 6 November 2007

Buck 65. Utter Hero.

Buck 65 is a bit of a genius... Of this fact we should all be already aware... Situation is his new album, and judging by what I have sampled thus far it seems to be a damn impressive collection. "Dang" has managed to lodge itself deep within the recesses of my mind; it being a somewhat catchy record:

One Canadian and his suit, succinctly rocking it four seperate ways. Pas facile... Do be sure to check out other Situation tracks over at his MySpace.

Do it now!!


Sinéad said...

I think I need to give this a few more listens. After about three spins, I'm just not feeling the album at all.

John Cav said...

Sinéad: To be honest, I'm quite the Buck 65 nut, so my opinion might be slightly biased. However, I gotta admit that this one does not seem up to the standard of "Talkin' Honky Blues" or "Secret House"... I've always found his stuff to be somewhat slow burning though.

Don't give up on him yet :)