Friday 16 November 2007

30 Days Of Night

David Slade's 30 Days Of Night . A Hasty Review.

What works:
  • Having vampires descend upon an isolated Alaskan town - Barrow - that endures a month of night during the winter is a simple and ingenious premise. Well done Steve Niles!
  • The cinematography is sumptuous; the contrast between the dark red blood and the untainted white snow resonates smartly throughout.
  • There are some terrific set pieces. Elaborating further would only diminish their impact.
  • Danny Huston is a malevolent bastard as the head vampire. The vampires as a whole are impressive; supernatural inbred gimps with a penchant for throat ripping.
  • Melissa George. Angel.
What does not work:
  • For every victim massacred by a vampire there is a plot hole. These vary from the minuscule and fleeting to the jaw droppingly stupefying... We're at Day 3 of the attack. Now we're at Day 18. How did that happen?
  • The romantic subplot between Josh Hartnett and Melissa George is a cliched mess that only serves to distract from the main action. The actors battled valiantly. Alas, the situation was beyond rescue.
  • Dialogue often as clunky and derivative as it comes. Even for a horror flick.
  • Be prepared to groan at that final shot.
In conclusion, 30 Days Of Night presents a fairly enjoyable horror experience. A lost opportunity in terms of the purity of the premise, but that's Hollywood for you I suppose. Only worth a trek to the cinema for the true vampire aficionados, a worthwhile rental for everyone else.

For some reason I just can't help thinking that the creators of Northern Exposure missed a trick.


slurkid57 said...

I think the question on everyone's lips is: does it feature any undead mooses?

Interesting aside: my spell-checker wants to change those last two words to "unread Moses". Two hours till quittin' time...

John Cav said...

Slurkid: I am a mere minutes post quittin' time, and I can honestly say that I have never needed a pint more than I do now. Let the debauchery commence good sirs!

Alas, there is not a single undead moose in the flick. I was crushed.

Manuel said...

what shouldn't (be allowed to) work: Josh Harnett

John Cav said...

Manuel: I dunno. When given the right role old Josh works well. And Hunter S Thompson thought he was a sound chap, which must earn him some kudos.

However, I'm still worried about his rumoured appearance in Bruce Robinson's adaptation of HST's The Rum Diary. Yeamon will be quite the tricky part to pull off.

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