Friday 5 October 2007

Willie O'Dea? In A Fight? Never.

Willie O'Dea TD, Minister for Defence.

Apparently, Willie O'Dea TD tried to start a fight with some people in a pub in Limerick. It was about Shannon or the price of lemon sherbet or some such terribly important issue... To be honest, I grow weary of cyclical spin drivel.

That said, one aspect of this 'story' did grasp my attention. Willie's defence:

"Minister O'Dea admitted he may have been 'dismissive' and said he may have told the pair to 'get lost, sod off or feck off' but that he did not use stronger language, as was reported in a number of newspapers today... He said it would be foolish of him to suggest going outside to fight with a man of 6'5" plus, and said this did not happen."

Fantastic. Willie O'Dea TD chose not to fight the man not because it would be an immoral and stupid act by a representative of the people, but because he would have got his arse kicked... I must admit to a certain curiosity here. Willie, what if he had been a dwarf? A blind dwarf, with rheumatoid arthritis?

Too much? Either way, our Minister for Defence folks!

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