Monday 8 October 2007

Polysics - New Wavin' Go Go Jump Go!!!

A mate of mine has recently begun to pontificate about a peculiar Japanese collective called Polysics. According to their myspace, the band were formed in 1998 "in homage to the high energy and eccentric music of the 1980’s New Wave scene". As a consequence, apeshit electro-punk-pop noodling is their buzz... Polysics Or Die!!!! is the title of their current release, a collection of the best tracks from their previous albums. A 'best of', if you will. "Electric Surfin' Go Go" is the lead single:

Apparently, Polysics admire Devo. I must say that there are subtle aesthetic similarities between the two groups... If you look hard enough, that is:

A bit of a giggle all the same, wha?


slurkid57 said...

I thought their newest album was Karate House?

Polysics are so Pop on 3, it's not funny.
After the shake, we're back with Japanese new-wave fire-stokers Polysics: this weeks in-sound from way-out. Pop on three - cummin atchya!
What was the name of that twat who presented it again?

John Cav said...

Nope, Polysics Or Die!!!! is their latest offering. Officially released tomorrow in fact... This is according to their myspace anyway. However, I could well be misinformed. My fidelity to myspace did me no favours with my recent Dan Deacon newsflash :)

As for the Pop on 3 twat, I have no clue as to the specifics of his moniker. Which is a good thing.

John Cav said...

Slurkid: Nope, it's up on Amazon and everything... Polysics Or Die!!!! is certainly their newest release. It's an import; bonus DVD (mostly live performances), extra tracks previously available only in Japan. All kosher.

I really dislike their insistence vis-a-vis the old exclamation marks though. It's so annoying!!!!

slurkid57 said...

Em, no. "Polysics or Die" came out over here in about 2004. It seems they just re-released it in the US though, under the name "POLYSICS OR DIE!!! -VISTA-".

I guess the rent was due.

John Cav said...

Slurkid: Oh, it is totally a rent-due/'breaking the States' quagmire!

I know they released a "Polysics or Die" album three years ago alright. I also know that this current Vista edition is pencilled in as a US/Canada only release. However, it is also readily available on this side of the pond. Hence my use of the term "import" above. Should have mentioned the North American buzz I suppose... Ah, the wonders of the global economy and the Interwebnet :)

matt said...

Karate House comes out in the "fall" <--autumn. Unfortunately, it's a japan only release.

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