Thursday 4 October 2007

"Wait" - ASC (My Music Video Debut)

The band is called ASC. The track is called "Wait":

I worked on this music vid shoot during the summer and I must say it was a really good, enjoyable shoot. I got to meet a lot of cool folks, especially the crew at Tilted Pictures (
view more). Not to forget the band themselves, sound lads one and all.

Check ASC out at:

Check the video out on Channel 6 in the near future.

Oh, in case you were curious about my aforementioned music video debut... Well, that were me and Claire - lovely girl - being sketched outside the café at 01:39 in. A rather minuscule cameo, yet such devastating screen presence!


Ronan Casey said...

Have to say, I'm dissapointed with the cameo but i'll take your word for it that it's you ;)

John Cav said...

Ron, dude, how could you fail to be convinced by my movie star dynamism and rugged charisma? Just look into my eyes! Look really, really, really, really hard into my eyes :)

Michael Nugent said...

You're on screen twice, and both times someone walks in front of you! Either you're on the run from the police, or else you've got to develop a bigger ego, and start throwing hissy fits :)

John Cav said...

Michael: I can see it all now. The megalomania. The depravity.

"... And I want my name spelt out in M&M's! In a lava lamp!"

"But that's impossible..."

"Just do it, or I walk!"

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