Thursday 25 October 2007

De Gaffer Is Dead! Long Live De Gaffer!

The next Irish international football manager?

I know a guy who works in the bookies. He just gave me the inside track on the current favourites to succeed Steve Staunton as Irish manager. They are as follows:

Katy French - 4/5

Steve Staunton - 7/2

Enda Kenny's forehead - 8/1

A damp shoebox of chimpanzee elbow scrapings - 11/1

Eustace The Anorexic Badger from Kinnegad - 13/1

David O'Leary - 22/1

Sigh. As Stangate and the ensuing media scrum continue to envelope all, I would argue that even a modicum of perspective would be rather darling... That said, I won't be holding my breath.


Michael Nugent said...

Proper football priorities are:

Bohs beating Cork this Friday in the Cup Semi-Final - important.

Anything the FAI does - entertaining, but nothing to do with football.

John Cav said...

Michael: First off... Best of luck to Bohs against City. Ye have certainly been the form team over the last few weeks, and that donation to the Tavern Bar was a very nice touch indeed. Huzzah :)

As for the FAI, their incompetence is matched only by their complete lack of morals. For me, there are oft shades of Nero about old John Delaney... I'm quite sure that was him I saw playing the fiddle in Abbotstown!