Monday 15 October 2007

The Bullets Of Tunng

I am quite fond of the folksy acoustics and faintly fey electronica of Tunng. "Bullets" is a sumptuous delight; probably my favourite track from this year's Good Arrows. The accompanying video is a nonsense of Gondryesque proportions. Too lovely:


Ronan Casey said...

dat waz teh luvrly internets bl0g :)

John Cav said...

Ronan: LOLKommentz!

Sinéad said...

If you like Arrows, you'll love last year's Comments of the Inner Chorus - much better album.

Manuel said...

Not sure bout that.....carry on....

John Cav said...

Sinéad: I do love Inner Chorus! And I would be inclined to agree about its state of superiority... "Woodcat" still gets me every time!

Manuel: But... but... it's just so... lovely :)

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