Monday 24 September 2007

Those crazy Romanians?

Human magnets, pastoral Supermen... And now this:

Boxer turned mayor KOs opposition (Ananova)

A former professional boxer turned mayor in Romania is facing legal action after beating up five councillors who disagreed with his spending plans. Mayor Iulian Florea, from Teslui in south-west Romania, attacked local councillor Mircea Chirita after an argument over the town budget at a council meeting. He then turned his attention to four other councillors who attempted to stop him...

A left-hook, an upper cut, two various combinations, one KO, two serious concussions...

Damn profligate tribunals! Want actual results? One Bertie, one Mr. Florea, one cage, twenty bare knuckles... I jest. Surely.

And now for something completely different (yet still with a Romanian theme):

I shall forever resent O'Leary for that deferral of Alf... Being but a bairn, the anaesthetic joys of alcohol were a few years off.

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