Friday 21 September 2007

Southland Tales Trailer

I had wondered how Richard Kelly's initial cut of Southland Tales could have received such a slating at Cannes. I scoffed at the snooty rhetoric of critics and cinéastes. The creator of Donnie Darko would never be responsible for such a mess... Erm:

Luc Besson he ain't.


Manuel said...

You gotta get a link up to the Joy Division Movie "Control". It looks bloody great and the websites is brilliant.....

John Cav said...

Corbijn's film does look quite cool... I like the decision to shoot in black and white. It gives the film a sense of authenticity. I also like the casting of Sam Riley as Ian Curtis. Not only is he practically Curtis' doppelganger, but being a relative unknown he will not detract from the character. A bit important here.

However,I cannot but detect a sense of futility about the whole project. Curtis' lyrics speak more profoundly about his fragile state of mind, his essence than any film could.

Still, a nice homage nonetheless.

Link you say? Leave it with me :)