Wednesday 26 September 2007

On reflection...

The feedback is in. The gist:

  • Half for a move to Wordpress, half against... I shall consider it further.
  • The creative writing idea is universally seen as a good thing.
  • As is the possibility of pompous academic musings on the cinema. Godard's oeuvre, deconstruction of genre, and Barthesian critique of the auteur theory await. Maybe. (Or maybe as a separate blog; hat tip to Michael of That's Ireland)
  • Hyperbolic ramblings about music I admire should be maintained.
  • Regimentation would not be cool... My creative soul transcends, for it can not be caged. Or something.

Basically, the sarcastic and shambolic inclination of The New(ish) Journalism is not be trifled with in any seismic manner... Which is reassuring.

Thanks ever so much for taking the time to comment folks. I really enjoy writing here and it tickles me to think that others enjoy reading it.


Pedro Monscooch said...

I would have commented on your previous post but everyone got there before me with the same points I was about to make. I read your blog on a daily basis and often wish mine was similiar.

Your movie reviews, especially the Transformers one which you introduced yourself to me with are great and I hope to see more like them.

As for wordpress, it doesn't hurt to set up a profile and just check out some of the features there. They're pretty nifty

John Cav said...

Pedro: Thanks for the kind words dude. As it happens I read your blog daily and quite often find myself thinking the same thing... Yours is quite the offering sir. Huzzah!

As for the Transformers review, I enjoyed writing that quite a bit more than I did the movie... "Raped by a bus", if I remember correctly :)

As for Wordpress, already have an account... Contributing to The Fear Of God, charting our misfortunes at the RWC in France. Sigh.