Wednesday 26 September 2007

I really hate the Independent

Insert Indo style caption here. Must make reference to amount of males in picture and Katy's 'box'.

It seems somebody in the house bought a copy of the Sunday Independent at the weekend. I just noticed a copy of the LIFE supplement lying on the coffee table... I shall suitably admonish the purchaser of the demagogic muck later. First, a quibble.

There is a Shutterbug section in LIFE, wherein pictures of 'celebrities' are published with hilarious captions are provided for our 'entertainment'... They are truly awful.

There is a picture of Katy French sitting on a motorbike. The caption:

"Katy doesn't care about the size of your throbber, as long as it goes."

A picture of Britney during her recent MTV performance:

"Britney: backfat, beer belly, bad hair, still bang her."

Paul McCartney standing beside a gigantic guitar he has signed:

"Up yours, Heather, look at the giant shaft you're missing out on."

What fuckwit writes this stuff? Who actually finds it funny? Spurious, misogynistic drivel... Since when has Benny Hill been editing the Indo?


Joe said...

Perhaps Bertie's into his Carry On films and the captioner fancies him/herself as a Senator?

John Cav said...

Joe: LOL... That is all :)

RapturePonies said...

i thought that Brendan O'Connor wrote those captions...but i could be wrong

John Cav said...

Rapture: You must be wrong. I mean O'Connor wrote the seminal "Who's In Da House?" and has judged on You're A Star (Celebrity & Pleb)... He would never stoop that low!