Tuesday 11 September 2007

The End of Anti-Americanism?

Is Anti-Americanism Over in Europe? (Newsweek)

What? When did this happen? Nobody told me. I'm confused...

... A confusion hardly alleviated by a quote from the above article by its author, Stryker McGuire:

By going against public opinion, European leaders are showing that they are determined to bury anti-Americanism.

Going against public opinion? Stryker, explain something please. If leaders are required to go against public opinion, how exactly does that constitute a cessation of anti-Americanism in Europe? (Pedantry is a wonder.)

Perhaps I forget that we voters/common plebs are seldom but a trifling insignificance to our political elites and their most informed commentators. People, why must we be so eternally bothersome? Where is our gratitude for being permitted to partake in glorious Democracy?

An end to anti-Americanism? Piffle and poppycock I say! Some Dylan Moran might be apt at this juncture:

For the record, I do not hate America. That would be silly. It (its government) merely annoys me. Often.

What say you, my fellow partakers in Freedom TM?


Manuel said...

God I love Americans and their lovely tipping culture. Canadians, I could live without. You think they are Americans until they hand you their credit card which will have a maple leaf motif and then your heart sinks.....cheap bitches...

John Cav said...

As I said Manuel, it would be silly for us all to hate Americans. They certainly have their uses ;)