Wednesday 5 September 2007

An Electric Odyssey - The Sunday

Mass as Gaeilge... Freaked out hippies... The excellence of Mixmaster Mike... The pathetic indifference of limbs... Miscellaneous meanders and the sublime Body & Soul... Chinwags and oxygen bars... A partial glimpse at Sonic Youth... Thou Shalt Always Enjoy Le Sac Vs Pip... A blinding Fujiya & Miyagi... The ramblings of Mani... "Thirty sheets for a yoke"... The End.

We awake with mass as Gaeilge on a builder's radio borrowed from benevolent neighbours. Buzzes are wrecked. Hippies are freaked out... The application of moistoned jelly babies to the foreheads of strangers... Bouncing into tea cups... Ducks and dives... Who knows when we shall be right again? Apologies, for it were not I.

Propped up against the back of the tent. Enraptured by the turntablism nous of Mixmaster Mike, emboldened by his ability to get a party started. Nonetheless unable to move an inch. Paralysed by aching limbs, a lack of sleep and completely ineffectual vodka... Feeling shall return but not yet... Not yet... Stop quoting Gladiator.

Des Bishop pleasing some crowd. The pic is a late addition.

Vodka is taking hold me thinks... The Comedy Tent... Jarlath Regan... A funny university student coda, one to which I can so relate. A joke about guide dogs cramming for exams, a 2.2 at the end of it all... My laugh is noticeably loud. Paranoia averted for now. Gerry Mallon comes on. The despicable and tasteless twat. He makes a joke about fingering his niece... Really.

In the Body & Soul arena now. Inadvertently disrupt a yoga class (or something), but it feels good to be there. Until... An army of butterflies descends upon our group of Flim Flammers as we idly chat shite. My brain is scrambled and this is the last thing I need. "Smile, smile" they say as I cling to the fragments of my broken ceann. The callous hippies. Cosmic revenge for mass earlier? Who knows... Hardcore kudos on the necessity of the drip by the way. You know who you are.

Get chips from Home Fries. They are the most putrid muck, festering in a pool of Satan's knob cheese. Then the rain starts... The biblical rain... Soaked, we venture back to our tents to recuperate, drink some more and prepare ourselves for the next onslaught.

Catch a bit of Sonic Youth. I am on my own now, isolated by my fervent compulsion to witness Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip first hand... They are entertaining, but little more than a distraction from my dwindling vodka supply and inability to achieve adequate sentence structure.

To Foggy Notions and Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip. And what a decidedly impressive show it is. Scroobius oozes stage presence. His flow is effortless. The Radiohead sampling "A Letter From God" is a peach. A slice of spoken word poetry keeps the audience thoroughly enraptured. However, it is "Thou Shalt Always Kill" that the punters crave, and the duo are aware. So aware in fact, that it quickly becomes something of a joke. At one stage the opening bars of the song creates a torrent of cheers only for them to cut the music instantly. The reason for doing so, according to Scroobius: "Fuck off, if we play that now you'll all leave and go see Sonic Youth." Not I, Scroobius. Not, I. But I see your point... The song itself is ab fab. "U2... Just a band!" Too right son.

Fujiya & Miyagi - "Cassettesingle". Incredible buzz.

Next up Fujiya & Miyagi. Words can not do justice to just how good this gig was. They commence with "Ankle Injuries" and it just gets better and better from there on in. Banter with the crowd is non-existant. However, in this case it would also be an irrelevance, such is the triumphant musicianship on display, and the frenzy the crowd is slowly being whipped into. "Collarbone" is such fun to dance to, inspiring a momentary spastic Macarena-like dance-off down the front. The band looks delighted, and slightly confused. "Cassettesingle" is another gem... The cheering never stops throughout the entire gig, and there is only one viable option for the encore... "Fujiya, Miyagi! Fujiya, Miyagi! Fujiya, Miyagi!"

We hang on at the front for a while and get chatting to Miyagi (David Best). Lovely bloke. Pictures are taken. Congratulations are heartfelt. A set list is procured. Nice.

We hurry towards The Go! Team to catch the end of their set. The atmosphere is incredible. The whole arena is engaged in bouncy delirium. New songs are rapturously received. Old favourites like "Bottle Rocket" even more so. The end comes far too soon for us latecomers, but the last song is a beauty. "Ladyflash" is spellbinding. The crowd continues to bellow its cheery refrain minutes after the band has left... Did not expect too much, but this was mesmeric.

The weekend ends way back by Pieminister at Primal Scream. An enjoyable greatest hits buzz. Nothing amazing, but fun all the same. Some last hurrah dancing and nonsensical chit chat with some girls from Naas. I get accosted by a Northside pillhead.. What language does Mani speak?

Body & Soul is wedged. We depart for the tents. I meet a fellow blogger on the way. He appears as devastated as I. Our souls lay bare on our sleeves. We say practically nothing but communicate enough through the festival smile... That vacant but heartwarming expression that indicates the joy within. You have nothing left to give, but it feels fantastic.

Back to the tent.

Warm tepid beer.

It will not relent,

This burgeoning Fear.

Now asleep, I repent,

The End is quite near.


RapturePonies said...

Dans le Sac vs. Scoobius Pip rocked my world

John Cav said...

Raptureponies: They were very cool alright. Scroobius is quite the frontman and as an act they've got such potential.

"Thou shalt always read Foggy Notions."

A pandering lyric. But quite true.