Sunday 30 September 2007

"À bientôt, Napoleon O'Sullivan!"

Let me just say this... Ireland were simply atrocious at the Rugby World Cup. There was hardly a moment's respite from their crippling ineptitude. Such events sadden sporting hearts across the land. Nevertheless, so whimpers to an end our Golden Generation TM.

During our presence at the competition much was made about the nonsensical "Ireland's Call". It truly is an abomination, a travesty against music and national identity. May I suggest an alternative:

I think this Rammstein redub would be the perfect anthem for our current panel. Why? It is slightly more uplifting than "Ireland's Call". More importantly, it is a total fucking joke.


nialler9 said...

that video is hilarious dude.


John Cav said...

Niall, I could not stop laughing for twenty minutes. Those Germans truly do have the best sense of humour in the world!

From your report it seems HWCH went well. I trust your burfday went the same :)

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