Thursday 2 August 2007

US Loses 190,000 Weapons In Iraq

"So if you guys don't have them..."

The US government cannot account for 190,000 weapons issued to Iraqi security forces in 2004 and 2005, according to an investigation carried out by the Government Accountability Office. According to the July 31 report, the military "cannot fully account for about 110,000 AK-47 assault rifles, 80,000 pistols, 135,000 items of body armor and 115,000 helmets reported as issued to Iraqi forces."

Since 2004 the military "has not consistently collected supporting records confirming the dates the equipment was received, the quantities of equipment delivered, or the Iraqi units receiving the items," the report said.

Sarcasm fails me. This is just too stupid.


Anonymous said...

The cynic in me suspects that they know exactly where those weapons are, but they don't want to say since they gave them to someone that the public wouldn't stand for.

John Cav said...

The cynic in me wonders whether one should even attribute those involved with such a moderate level of intelligence.

Yet he also agrees to disagree.