Tuesday 7 August 2007


Today over at Why That's Delightful!, Graham Linehan makes reference to Rian Johnson's Brick: an indie-noir set in a modern American high school. A work of mild genius, yet not very accessible. The heavily stylised idiom of Chandler, Hammett et al can leave modern viewers somewhat perplexed. Even bored. Which is a pity.

No respite for thee then as the following short film is even more willfully obscure. Entitled Escargots, it is the work of Brick director Rian Johnson and star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Decidedly art-house in persuasion, but quite interesting nonetheless:


left coast jane said...

Well... yes Rian in fact shot the Paris footage that Joe was in; but the work is actually by Joe, who conceived, wrote, directed, edited, scored, acted, and even spoke it. You can find it and several other JGL short videos at his unique "official" website, www.hitrecord.org

John Cav said...

Why thank you Jane... I knew Joseph had wrote and directed the piece and that Rian had shot it. However, I did not know that old JGL was also responsible for the rest. Most impressive!

Thanks for the link. I'll be sure to check it out.