Monday 20 August 2007

"Regrets, I've had a few, but then again, Dan Deacon is coming back..."

I fucking missed him (in Galway). Dan Deacon came, saw and by all accounts melted minds... And I missed him. Alas, it could not be helped - such is the frivolous hindrance of Work and Responsibility - but the annoyance will not relent. The glowing reviews of Nialler and Aoife offer little solace. You guys!

Now there is little for me to do but wait for his return to our shores in November or December. Cheers for the heads up Master Nialler. The lyrics to "Wham City" are already firmly ingrained in my feeble brain, however I shall follow your lead and share them with the blogsfolk:

“There is a mountain of snow / Up past the big glen / We have a castle enclosed / There is a fountain / Out of the fountain flows gold / Into a huge hand / That hand’s a held by a bear / Who had a sick band / Of ghosts and cats and pigs and bats / With brooms and bats and wings and rats / And play big dogs like queens and kings / And everyone plays drums and sings / ‘Bout big sharks / Sharp swords / Beast bees / Bead lords / Sweet cakes / Mace lakes / O MA MA MA MA MA MA MA MA!!!”

I'm totally gay for that song. Until the (calendar) winter Dan! You wonderful freak!


BRENDAN said...

As one who ventured to Roisín's despite the lack of some of my usual cohorts in such adventures (John and Ronan) but with the reliable Saileóg in tow we experienced what can only be described as one of the musical highlights of the year.

Lights off in Roisín's barring the exit and bar lights and the lights coming from Dan Deacon's desk (one red, white and yellow but to top it all off a glittery green glowing skull). Called to surround the desk situated in front of the stage the 60 or so people who put in the effort we were well and truly rewarded by a man who could easily have seen the crowd and decided it wasn't worth the hassle but instead entertained and enthralling the anticipating audience. Each and every audience member will be back in December with the promise of a future gig and are guarenteed to bring as many people as they can muster.... but then again maybe they will be selfish and keep the secret to themselves ensuring further dance offs

"Silence like the wind overtakes me...."

Dan Deacon in December...supported by Laddermouth

John Cav said...

I envy.

aoife mc said...

Hey John
It truly was a great bloody gig. He'll be just as good in november or whenever though I'm sure, so no worries!
Enjoy battles!