Tuesday 21 August 2007

Pre-Order Booze... For Electric Picnic

The Electric Picnic on-site off-license. Huzzah to thee!

Thanks to some uniquely Irish initiative from those organising folks in Stradbally, at this year's Picnic the epic festival slab-haul becomes a thing of the past. 48 cans of Dutch Mould no longer need to be dragged from transport depot to jaded tent erection (tee hee). How is this possible? There is now the facility to pre-order your booze online from the on-site off-license. You then simply collect the chilled booze at your own leisurely, possibly medicated pace. The blinding Wisdom of it all!

That said, I'm a mean bastard and will probably just endure the hardship to save a few dollars... Only to blow those pinched pennies on an inflatable armchair or the memoirs of an ancient hippy masseuse written in ochre on the base of a lentil... Or something. Prudence be damned.

Details of this off-license ordering business: www.electricpicnic.ie

Oh... the full line-up is up as well. But you already know that you clever people.


Kevin Breathnach said...

I really, really don't know why I didn't buy a ticket. Came home from Paris too early for Rock En Seine, too. Decemberists in October is the closest thing I have to look forward, too. Enjoy the Picnic.

BRENDAN said...

those crafty but practical irish

John Cav said...

Kevin: I'm pretty sure you could still find a ticket. My mate got one just yesterday at cost price. Granted, he was lucky, but if you endeavour so... It might be so.

Brendan: We be twinkly eyed fuckers alright. Who be I paraphrasing?