Wednesday 29 August 2007

Polar Vampires & Awful Sequels

A triumvirate of trailers for you folks. All are fairly gore-ridden. Horror, innit.

First up is the Sam Raimi produced and David Slade directed 30 Days Of Nights. Starring Josh Hartnett, the premise is gloriously simple (and based on a graphic novel). A gang of vampires descends upon a town in Alaska. During the winter. Where there is no daylight for a month... Exactly.

Which all looks very similar to Frostbiten, a Swedish vampire movie from 2006. Polar winter, a month without the sun, town and cops against vampires. Differences include genetic experiments gone wrong (but of course) and no dreamboat Josh. Official Website.

Last and most certainly least is what could potentially be the worst movie of all time: Alien Vs Predator: Requiem. Words fail me. This is... I mean... Just watch the trailer.



nialler9 said...

eh think there's a typo there:

should say BEST movie of all time...

John Cav said...

Sir, we shall agree to disagree.

Although I must concede that it could well be one of those "so bad its good" movies... We shall see :)

chosha said...

I love vampire flicks, and Josh, well...he isn't exactly a drawback, is he? :) The concept is good, because vampires also don't need to sleep in the night, so double challenge.