Thursday 2 August 2007

Effin Eddie Of Aherlow

Located on the blog of Gingerpixel, quite possibly the greatest Irish contribution to youtube thus far: Effin Eddie at The County Final by Ian Benny Kenny.

The man commentating with such boundless enthusiasm is Eddie Moroney, a lorry driver for the Tipperary Co-Op creamery in Tipperary town. The match he is commentating on is the 1994 Tipperary U-21 Football County Final between Aherlow and Éire Óg, Nenagh. Aherlow won that day. My dad is from the area. That is why there is a dusty old VHS of this game sitting on a shelf at home. With this commentary.

A commentary that utterly transcends cliché, GAA or otherwise. Hilarious.


Ian Benjamin Kenny said...

Thanks John for sticking the link up. I heard this audio years ago and always thought it would make a great animated short. The man is a genius.

John Cav said...

He certainly is, and it certainly does. Very well done.

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I have seen some short videos of Effin Eddie on youtube and I think they are funny. They are related to things we live every day!