Tuesday 21 August 2007

Eagle Vs Shark - A Review

The cult of Dynamite. Obtuse narrative at the cost of Empathy? A hero? Forced indie rhetoric.

Lazy and obvious comparisons. Lazy and obvious US critics.

Eagle Vs Shark. Charming, whimsical, the milieu of the true Nerd. Intelligence and pathos. Rich characters, born of truth. Politely visceral. Consistently hilarious.

Perfectly pitched ending. A meandering arc. Hopeful and inspiring.

Go see this:

By means of addition. Killer soundtrack. Beautiful animation.


Dec said...

I've been gagging to see this. Glad the review is a positive one. The male lead is in a band/comedy act called Flight of the Conchords in case you didn't know. Check them out.
Very funny.

John Cav said...

Jemaine Clement is the man of whom you speak. I'm a huge fan of Flight Of The Conchords as it happens. "The Bowie Song" slays me every time I hear it... Great minds eh?

Really enjoyed this movie. It's not going to change lives, but it's quite content to simply exist as a charming indie flick. Such self-awareness is just all too uncommon in movies these days... Sigh.

General Viagra said...

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