Saturday 18 August 2007

David Beckham Playing Soccer

I do wonder what Roy Keane would make of this... David Beckham, on his MLS debut in the "uniform" of Los Angeles Galaxy TM, scores with a "patented bending ball into the far left side netting."

Prostrate thyself before the saviour of soccer!


AstonishingSodApe said...

I looked at the menu under that video and watched the clip of the LA Galaxy vs New York Red Bulls game (actually seemed like a decent match!), and about two thirds of the way through, the pumped-up commentator - or "through-play status breakdown analyst" as they're probably known over t'pond - uttered one of the finest sentences I've encountered in years:

"Two unanswered goals from the Galaxy answered by two unanswered from the Red Bulls!"

Forget Match of the Day, I think I'm hooked!

John Cav said...

My sincere thanks to you. That sentence shall stay with me forever. At least.

The NY Red Bulls... Sponsored by?

The Hangar Queen said...

Hiya John
Popped over from Manuels place.
Am a bit confused here because I saw Beckham come on for the last twenty minutes against RFK last week.
He was absolutely brilliant at warming the bench with his arse though.

John Cav said...

I'm stumped. Was that a league game maybe? Because I know this goal was scored in a cup match...

As for his superlative bench-warming attributes, I am not at all surprised. He is just so handsome!

He is going to save soccer!

tammyt008 said...

Hi, I'm selling my sexy David Beckham painting. Tammy