Tuesday 14 August 2007

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip Newsflash: Electric Picnic & New Single.

Regular readers should already be aware of The New(ish) Journalism's keen admiration for the hip-hop nous of Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip... Therefore, lascivious hyperbole shall be kept to a minimum... Instead, a small bit of jolly good news. The duo shall be performing at Electric Picnic. Sunday at 20:00 hours. A most hearty Huzzah!

Furthermore, their new single is ab fab. It is called "The Beat That My Heart Skipped":

The single will be released 10th September. That relentless bouncing rhythm shall do its prospects no harm at all.

Where news of their impending Picnic appearance was found: www.myspace.com/lesacvspip


Brian said...

I allready knew this days ago. Do try to keep up.

John Cav said...

Why you!

And while we're being pedantic, it is spelt "already". Messer.

Brian said...

Curse you and your mastery of the English language!

Brian said...

...and, of course, your rugged good looks. Though that goes without saying.

PiZT said...

ha ha nice comments
and great band