Saturday 11 August 2007

Dan Deacon Is Coming To Ireland

Dan Deacon is a Baltimore, Maryland-based absurdist electronic music composer/performer. Dan Deacon is coming to Ireland next week. Dan Deacon's is perhaps the most apeshit live performance that will be seen on our fair isle this year. The man is mental: Instead of playing on stage - as traditionalists might - Dan prefers to perch his equipment atop a table and wheel it through the crowd. The songs are mental: Just give his latest album Spiderman Of The Rings a listen. A night out with Dan Deacon is most certainly an interesting one:

Analog insanity in a digital scenester world... Or something. Uplifting buzz.

August 17th - Dublin @ Crawdaddy.
August 18th - Cork @ Liquid Lounge.
August 19th - Galway @ Róisín Dubh.

EDIT - A new video embedded above. Better quality than the initial one.


thegirlwhosafraidoffoxes said...

oooh I hadn't seen that, hope there are still tickets left. he's in this month's foggy notions too i think.

Ronan Casey said...

dan deacon is teh legend. Lets Roisin it up a notch.... if i'm around :)

John Cav said...

FoxGirl: Indeedin' there are tickets left.

Ronan: Indeedin' I might.

Brian said...

Anyone want to come see him in Edinburgh?