Saturday 18 August 2007

The New(ish) Journalism's Saturday Nite Take-Away

The Picnic is looming. The funds are low. The couch is the place for me. A boxset shall be my poison. Yet before I depart for cushioned oblivion, I shall leave thee with these ramblings:

First, that new Kate Modern shite on Bebo makes my blood boil. A rant in the idiom of Roy should be forthcoming but I just do not have the energy right now. Damn you Kate! Damn you and the marketing executive's jizz you slid in on!

The new Interpol album is woeful shite. A plodding, derivative imitation of former adequacies and the lyrics are laughable. A sample: "You wear those shoes like a dove." What?

Steven Seagal has accused the FBI of intentionally sabotaging his career. He demands an apology. Really. Read the entire story

Finally, the conventional wisdom would decree that child abuse is not funny. That said, I dare you not to laugh:

Via Why That's Delightful!


aoife mc said...

Hey New(ish)
I implore you - get off the couch and go to Dan Deacon tonight. It will change your life. Okay, it may not change your life, but it will make you feel really really good!
We went to see him on Friday and it is one of the best gigs I've ever been to - absolutely brilliant madness, loads of fun, great music, amazing buzz, lots of dancing - you must see him. I went with not a penny, I didn't even need a beer. And I'm a semi-retired alcoholic. Just pay in the door and soak up the sweet vibe, honestly!!
Nialler said the buzz in Galway was great for the SEBP, they had a good night. There was also a really cool auld fella who danced the whole night long and gave the guitar and bass players miraculous medals afer the gig. Sweet!
Really long comment!
Honestly - get off your arse and go to see Dan Deacon.

John Cav said...

I would like nothing else. I had been looking forward to Master Deacon for ages. Alas, I can not go... Have to be in Dublin at 10.00 tomorrow morning. Work stuff. Unable to do otherwise.

Which is a bugger. At least I can console myself with Battles in Róisíns on Thursday. *Sigh*

That ould fella is a fixture in Róisíns. A character to be sure. *Sigh*

aoife mc said...

Nevermind. Work stuff is rubbish but what are you gonna do.
I just posted a slightly emotional post about Dan's gig, have a look see. Nialler should have some pics up tomorrow as well.
Enjoy Battles, that will totally make up for a lack of Dan anyway, they're brilliant as well. Just a different kind of brilliant :)

Cian said...

"You wear those shoes like a dove"

'Like a dove' could be easily be taken to mean elegantly etc.

If you really think the line is that bad, go back and listen to some of the lyrics of their last two albums.

Lines like "Yours is the only version of my desertion that I could ever subscribe to" are far stranger.

John Cav said...

Cian: "like a dove" is an obvious metaphor for elegance. I get what the lyricist means to imply here. My "what?" was aimed at the vague pomposity of the line. Trite and clichéd nonsense.

I will however admit that the line you mentioned is far stranger.

Aoife: Enjoy it I shall. As I did your post. Huzzah!