Tuesday 14 August 2007

Best Journey Cover... In A While!

She was just a small town girl. She lived in a lonely world. One night, she boarded the midnight train. It went anywhere (metaphorically, of course).

The ultimate guilty pleasure as rendered by Petra Haden. The cheerfully odd video is directed by Kerri-Ann Doherty:

Via Pitchfork.


AstonishingSodApe said...

That Devendra Banhart cover of Don't Look Back In Anger - sweet. Nice - if a little creepy - video too.

John Cav said...

Yeah, he certainly gives it his own sound anyway. A slightly more refined idiom than Noel it has to be said! The video is very clever alright, subtle but striking animation. Which I likes.

I'm just a sucker for Journey I guess :)