Friday 10 August 2007

Arcade Fire Sell Out. Whinge. Whinge.

Breaking News: Tickets for a concert by a very popular band sell out quickly.

The texts... The emails... The righteous indignation... The injustice of it all...

Jesus Christ people, gain some perspective. It is only a fucking concert. In a tent. In a big field in Dublin. In the middle of winter.

So quit your whinging now you cash happy and ever so trendy Micks. These ever so trendy Cannucks shall do just fine without your easily squandered squids. Take heed! Nothing shall come of your inability to attend this concert. Get off eBay! Get back to work! Your HR department needs you!

By the way:

I'm such a tease.


73man said...

and three years ago it was Razorlight. Franz Ferdinand in 05, some other gob daw in 06

John Cav said...

One grenade. Razorlight or The Kooks?

That's right. I went there.

aoife mc said...

I must have been the only person who wasn't trying to get tickets for this. Honestly though, a bit of perspective!
I had a Galway semi-resident So Cow on the show last night, he was great fun altogether. Mp3 of the show should be on the blog in a few days.

John Cav said...

You and me both Aoife. No interest whatsoever. The discontent amuses me though.

So Cow... Most cool. I shall be checking said mp3 out.

Brian said...

All that excitement over such a boring band. Class.