Monday 13 August 2007

Aer Lingus. Whinge. Etc.

Granted, a lot of people opposed the privatisation of Aer Lingus. However, it happened. It was done and the Irish need to understand that the famous shamrock logo is no longer ours. Aer Lingus is just another commercial operation with planes that transport consumers from Location A to Location B.

Obviously the loss of these routes to Heathrow is quite bad for Shannon airport and the region. The damage could be even more considerable when you consider the Open Skies Agreement that comes into practice in March 2008 - thereby ending the obligatory Shannon stopover, which required US airlines flying over Ireland to touch down at least some of their flights in Shannon... Sinister vibrations abound.

However, lest we forget, this is a free market economy folks. How can we be so quick to deride such market forces whilst we are so simultaneously keen to exploit them via Ryanair et al? "A return parachuting to the outskirts of Budapest for €6 and a packet of Walkers? Sweet deal."

People of Ireland, you simply can not have your cake and eat it too. Especially when the cake fucks off to Belfast.

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