Saturday 7 July 2007


I have received my ticket for Buck 65 and Messiah J & The Expert in Róisín Dubh.

I saw Tom Crean: Antarctic Explorer in the Town Hall Theatre last night and was blown away. Amazing performance.

I am booking my ticket for Black Sheep in the Galway Film Fleadh this afternoon. Dead excited about this one.

It is my friend's 24th birthday today. He has visibly aged in the past year.

Tomorrow morning I am getting a bus to Clifden to work on a documentary for three days.

When I return I shall be working as a volunteer for the 19th Galway Film Fleadh. The free t-shirt is a bit naff, but the programme is dead glossy and has that gorgeous new book smell.

Many attractive humans of the female persuasion are also volunteering. Le cinema, je t'aime!

Blogging may be sporadic over the next few days. However, I shall do my best.

Happy Live Earth!

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