Tuesday 17 July 2007

The Tundra As Awkward Metaphor & The Cessation Of The Fleadh

"But most of all... I did it the way I was told to do it!"

The votes have all been cast. The reels have all been wound. The whimsies have all been spun. The ales have all been quaffed... The shabby remnants of a human being stares blankly at his keyboard. Cognitive annihilation mocks his eagerness to achieve blogospheric relevance. His liver dances incoherently to the beat of the complimentary beer polka. Listless, tumultuous. A paradox born only out of barbecues in Connemara.... The end is here. At last.

The Galway Film Fleadh 2007 is no more. The craic was mighty. The Americans were confused. Black Sheep was amazing. Huzzah!

I leave you with these. Firstly, a promise that normal posting shall resume tomorrow. Secondly, a clip from The Mighty Boosh that is quite representative of my current state of mind... Saileóg, I know not how I fell asleep. Judge me not.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anthony said...

Looks like spam bots have found you! Gah. Mighty boosh definitely ftw. heh.

aoife mc said...

Cool! Extra cash! Maybe I should go to Cali too.
Hope the galway fest was fun - mantua was indeed fun and full of silliness.
I'll be talking to your favourite Canadian this Thurdsay night - don't worry if you can't get the show live on the web, it'll be up on the blog next week!
Where's that cash?

John Cav said...

You shall be talking to the Buck 65. Mucho respecto! I look forward to the interview. Can't wait to see him and the equally fine MJEX in Roisins next week.

Free money? What? Where? Oh yes, I see :)

Spamming is just so very tiresome.

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