Thursday 19 July 2007

The Richard Dawkins Delusion

I am not at all religious. However, I am absolutely sick of people referencing Richard Dawkin's The God Delusion.

For the record... Reading this book does not make you intellectual. Reading this book does not make you an interesting conversationalist. Reading this book does not make you morally superior to those who have not done so. Reading and positively referencing this book simply means you are one of the many who have been won over by the vulgar self-regard and decidedly vague empirical techniques of Richard Dawkins.

Give the book time. It will eventually prove to be as ecclesiastically relevant as a Dan Brown novel.

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Ronan Casey said...

I completely disagree.

John Cav said...

It is not the atheism I disagree with. Obviously. It is the constant namedropping of the book.

That, and Dawkins is one of the most self-important authors I have ever come across.

An example of his stratospheric opinion of himself, the sub-heading for his website reads as follows:

"A Clear-Thinking Oasis."

The pompous fucker! Furthermore, exactly how hard is it to have a go at Creationists and assorted religious fundamentalists (the main targets in his book)?

"Not very" is the answer you were looking for.

The God Delusion? Pseudo-intellectual generalisations thrown together to neatly coincide with the recent upsurge in atheist-chic.

At least The Da Vinci Code was blatantly cynical.

Ronan Casey said...

Have you even read this book? So what if he's pompus at least he argues with reason and logic.

Atheist-chic me arse.

I don't understand the Da Vinci Code comparison, this is not a work of fiction, that's theism my friend.

John Cav said...

I should have made myself clearer man. My apologies.

My main problem is not with Dawkins per se, more with the people who constantly reference his work. Emphasis decidedly on the 'constantly' here.

For me at least, it is as if these people do so as a means of validation. Dawkins acts as their moral touchstone. The God Delusion as Their Bible, if you will.

I must stress that here I refer to people who always talk about the book. Not anybody who has read it and found it interesting, yourself included.

Which leads me to my next point... Yes, I have read the book. And I must admit that Dawkins is a writer of some skill and a man of obvious intelligence. Furthermore, he makes some cohesive and inarguable points throughout. However, it is his clear intelligence that cheapened the whole enterprise in my eyes. It is as if Dawkins is shooting unevolved fish in a barrel.

The Da Vinci Code comparison was of course a glib one... I merely made it to illustrate how I think Dawkins is somewhat cynical in his writing style. Just as Dan Brown was cynical in creating two-paragraph-long cliff-hanger chapters in his pile of shite 'novel'.

As for your 'Atheist-chic' contention... I was merely referring to the recent haemorrhaging of books like The God Delusion in the literary marketplace. Today, bookshelves are laden with them... Atheism sells, like it or not.

Finally, my take on Dawkins is a somewhat agnostic one... I am not entirely opposed to him, I am just not at all convinced by him either.

The agnostic thing is, of course, to be taken tongue in cheek.

Ricardo said...

What do you prefer to put your fear in R.D. or in God?